Hi! I'm Laksmi, I go by Lucky because my first name Laksmi is the Hindu Goddess of Luck and Fortune. 


      Yes, my parents were hippies! I love love love Interior Design! I have known I wanted to be an Interior Designer since I was 9 years old. I have enjoyed working with so many wonderful people. It is such a gift to be welcomed into a home and be able to create an environment that exceeds my clients expectations.


I have been an Interior Designer for over a decade now. Time does fly! My work includes residential and commercial designs. I have an eclectic design eye and never repeat a design. To me that is not really honoring how we are each unique! Interior Design effects how we live everyday. Great design is of the upmost importance! I really like to think how my clients move throughout  the space, what do they love? What will add joy to their life everyday? 

For myself, it is a wonderful treasure hunt of unique pieces perfectly balanced and blended with each other. 


I attended East Tennessee State University and graduated with top honors.  I live in Knoxville, TN with my wonderful boyfriend Jordan and Blue Heeler named Jules. She really likes to go on site with me! I have two children. My beautiful daughter Luna  who is 15 and my awesome son Gabriel who is 24 and lives in Tempe, AZ. 

Pre pandemic I traveled a lot. San Francisco, LA,  Sanibel, FL,   Asheville, NC, New York City, Phoenix, AZ, Los Cabos, Mexico, Milan, Italy are some of my favorite places. Each wonderfully unique. I can't wait till we can all travel like we used to!

I am constantly taking in all sorts of inspiration from the world around us. The health of people, animals, and the planet mean a great deal to me. I do try to live my life in a loving way. Ultimately life is short so make it sweet :) 

Laksmi Lucky Lumpkin

This is me at an amazing restaurant in Las Vegas. The bees painted on the walls were too good not to capture a quick pic!